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Issued by ClassNK

The Company undertakes to comply with the requirements under ISM code by setting up Safety Management System (SMS). The SMS is designed to ensure the Company's activities are sufficiently controlled to protect personnel, property and the environment from all identified risks and hazards that can be reasonably expected.

The Company will provide services of quality consistent with ISM code in order to satisfy not only the needs of the customers but also those of the maritime environment and ensure compliance with international and national rules and regulations and industry guidelines and standards.

The company's SMS through its documented procedures ensures:

  • Policy is understood and maintained at all levels
  • Regular audits & review of system & upgrading of skill of personnel by training to ensure continual improvement.
  • Organization's ability to respond to emergency situations involving vessels.

Safety of Life and Property at sea, protection of the environment and safeguarding the property of the clients shall be critical aspects which will underpin the way in which the Company will carry out its business.

The Company maintains a Drugs and Alcohol Policy to deter illegal use of the same and also to take preventive action.